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Check your atic for your private collection

When I get a package in the mail, my wife often asks, 'is that some old junk?' (as a joke, I hope). But yes, for some people, a retro computer is just a piece of junk. For me, it's a piece of history, nostalgia, and fun.

When is a computer 'retro' to me?

It Must be Old

I'm my case this simply means that a retro computer of hardware is something that is build before 1995.

It Must be in Mint Conditions

Despite that it is old, It must also be in good condition and as clean as possible without damage.

It Must Come in the Box

Retro computers and hardware are beautiful but nothing can beat the original box. Please don't lose them.

It must be an working model

A computer that is broken is not a computer. It must be a working model. If it's broken, it must be repared.