New Website

  • 2020-07-29
In 2012 I started to build a new website for showing my private retro computer collection. Now, after a long time, it's finally completed. Not that it took so long to develop but you know how it goes. You start a personal project and then you forget about it, don't have enough time, etc... So... Finally, it's time to welcome you to 'The Commodore Collector' website.
This website is meant to showing off my private collection of Commodore computers, Commodore books and magazines, and other Commodore-related products. It also contains a blog when adding a new item to the collection, cleaning, or repairing items. At the moment of the launch, this site will still be quite empty. In the next months, I will add items to the collection page, adding blogs and fixing typo's and expanding the functionality of the site when needed. ;-)
If you want to get updates of changes to this website when I add new products to the collection or adding a blog, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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