Missed Opportunities and done first photoshoot

  • 2021-02-25
Last week I saw a Compucase 64D on our local marketplace website. Complete with C64, 2 drive, booklet, and the original box. I started bidding on this item but stopped at 300 euro. The highest bid went up to 475 euro. A week earlier I saw on Facebook someone selling a Commodore VIC-1001. Also very rare and expansive. The seller wanted sell it for 999 euro. I hope to see some of these for sale for less shortly.
This case is only an aftermarket product and not Commodore branded but it gives a special addition to your Commodore 64. Separate keyboard, 2 integrated disk drives. Something like the Commodore 128D. More portable and compact as without this case. In my opinion, a must-have in any Commodore collection. Too bad, I had to halt bidding due to financial limitations.
Now the good news. I started my first photoshoot. Just the test things out. I only shot some smaller items like a Commodore Amiga 600 and the door handle from the Dutch Commodore HQ. Nice sharp photo's with accurate colors and soft shadows. I still have to work on the even background light. I'm happy with the result so far.

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