Photoshoot of a bunch of miscellaneous items

  • 2021-03-13
Got paper? Yes, I've got paper. I did not count the sheets, so I don't know how much paper those three blocks have together. Does anyone know how many sheets there are in one block? I bought these 3 blocks in October 2018.
All the Commodore items mentioned in this blog I got from a Dutch seller. Her grandpa worked as a sales director at Commodore Germany and, I think had them stored in the attic. I am very grateful to this person for selling these items to me. What about the Fancy Andy. It's a fine small set with items. Never saw it before in my life. It looked genuine. The name Fancy Andy was present on the inside on a small metal plate. Did you have seen this before? This piece I bought in January 2018.
There was a time that everyone needed a calculator at any time during the day. So you get a small solar calculator, a handy item. Anytime, anywhere you could pull out your creditcard sized calculator and starting to calculate your things. Nowadays you grab your smartphone for that, but that was not always the case. I have not been able to find much information on the internet about this calculator. The printed address seems to be right and the packaging is covered in Commodore logos. It certainly is not produced by Commodore itself since the booklet speaks about TOP-U.S.A. Corporation and it's called TOP-Card Solar. I bought 2 of these around novermber 2017.
I am not a big fan of football, but I am a huge fan of Commodore and therefore I like everything that has the Commodore logo on it. From the same seller, I got a full box of little matchboxes with a sticker on the lid. The sticker shows the portraits of Bayern M√ľnchen football players. Things like plastic and in particular paper/carton will get some strong smell over time. Since this box is made of cardboard and contains things made of cardboard you can only imagine the smell. Speaking of items that can light things on fire. I also obtained a cigarette lighter and some (normal-sized) matchboxes with the Commodore logo printed on them.
This nice Commodore briefcase was purchased in June 2017. The first question that comes to mind when seeing a briefcase like this is if Commodore employees really use these or that they were mostly in use for promotional purposes like trade shows. Anyway, a very nice addition to my collection. I currently have 2 of these. A Commodore notebook cover was bought in March 2019. A perfect match for the Commodore briefcase.
Also unique are the plastic Commodore insert sleeves. They have been used and on three sleeves you can even see some print on it that is left behind. I cannot recognize the language but I think I am almost certain it would be German. These covers were bought in July 2019.
Because I keep adding stuff to the website, I also come across things that were not quite right yet and needed additional functionality. For example, I have now added filtering to the blog. You can choose all years or a specific year. On the page of a type of collection, you can now click on the image and title to go to a detailed page with more information, is available. I also improved the site generation. This website is generated from XML, text, and images. Every time I added some new blog, collection item, or just changed a word somewhere the website needed to be completely generated again. It already started to take about thirty seconds which I found too slow for just a small change in some text. After some refactoring, the regeneration of changes now only takes less than two seconds. I think I have found a way to make the photos with an even background. It was a sort of a challenge to get to the background light the same on all photos. After some trying, I started to use a template background, cut out the item in the image and match the white. Done!. Not quite a 'shoot, download, and publish' way of doing it, but it works. If anyone finds some errors on this website, please contact me via Facebook. I will gladly fix the bugs.

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