Another day another way

  • 2021-03-26
For those who haven't already seen my Instagram page, I'm filling this up at the same speed as I fill my collection page. That means 'slow'. Just a few items per week. I was hoping to do this a bit faster but not everything can always be going as planned. Please subscribe to my Instagram (search for 'thecommodorecollector') or click on the link in the footer. I've got 18 followers at the moment. Everyone who is sharing mostly commodore stuff I will follow back. Go check them out for even more Commodore photos.
I have also started a YouTube channel which is currently empty. Here I want to publish videos about demos, gameplay and other videos related to Commdore. All this with or without commentary. I still have to do some pilots to see if I can comment on the videos with my limited English vocabulary and Dutch accent. Link to YouTube at the bottom of the page. If you're interested in seeing videos from me, please subscribe to the channel.
I've been working hard on the website to make it better and better. The biggest change that is visible to the public is the collection widget on the homepage. Now you can see the latest four collection additions. No more browser and hoping to see a new item. In the future, I want to add a page just like the blog where you can go through all the items in order of addition.
The RSS feed is now working correctly. I did make some errors in the structure. The images were not visible, and after adding the feed in a newsreader, all previous articles did not had the correct publish date. It's now safe to remove and resubscribe to get the correct data in your newsreader. A little less visible (I hope) is that I now serve WEBP images instead of JPG. Nowadays the most modern browsers should support this format. The images are better looking and smaller in filesize. I now use threads the convert the edited images to WEBP in three dimensions to get faster web responses, A small, medium and a large image. I store the images as Photoshop images (between 25MB and 50MB per image) so I don't lose any quality if I want the change the image. Currently, the complete website and original images have a total file size (zipped) of 8GB. After generating and converting to WEBP this is reduced to 17MB.
I have made photos of about 20 items, but I don't want to put them online all at the same moment since they are similar items. I think the best way to go is to add more different items like a computer, drive, some books, and a game. My collection is big enough to do this for a long time.
Things that will be coming are things like an Amiga collection (Amiga 500, Amiga 600. Amiga 1000, and Amiga 1200), My other Commodores like VIC-20 (2 types), C64, C64C, C64G, Ultimate 64, TheC64 Mini, TheC64 Maxi, C16, C116, Plus/4, C128, and SX-64. What about some drives like 1541 (white), 1541, 1551, 1571, and 1581. Books... Lots of book are coming.
Besides all of my Commodore computers, I still have some other brands which I would not sell. My collection before was a lot larger and had a lot of Spectrum, Atari, ColecoVision, P2000, Nintendo, and more.