Social media updates and future plans

  • 2021-05-08
The Instagram page is really kicking off. Today, with a total of 279 followers. I love seeing that many other people share the same interest in 8 and 16 bits computers. You don't know how big a community is until you connect with the community. To reach more and other people with the same interest that don't use Instagram I started a Facebook group. This is a public group which you can join. Today, this group has 1 member (me). I find Facebook more accessible and easier to communicate with others.
In the near future, I like to try something new. At least, new for me. I started an YouTube channel called The Commodore Collector. Here I like to post videos, telling about old and new Commodore products and Commodore releases, like games, music, demos, and stuff from my collection. One thing I want is that the videos look kinda professional. Since I don't have much experience in video editing and creating YouTube content I'm searching for tools, tips, and tricks. Please contact me if you can point me in the right direction in the YouTube content-creating world. Besides Commodore computers, I use Apple for my modern work.
In these videos, I will have recurring topics like 'Games from my childhood, 'From the collection' and 'Old and new news'. For these topics, I need to create some kind of short intro for these just like I need to make an intro and outro for the whole show. I'm already busy writing the first show notes. So, lots of work and I have little time. Besides the work, it's also a huge 'out of my comfort zone' thing. Don't expect anything real soon.
The description of the items already on the website may change in the future since I'm looking for more data and try to write better descriptions. There will not be any notifications send out about this. In my folder of collection product photos, I have about 10GB (more than 500 photos) ready to be edited. I hope to finish editing the photos of at least 1 or 2 products every week. I have some books and software coming up. These have fewer photos which mean less work.
At the moment I watch marktplaats (Dutch website) and eBay for new cool items. eBay is most of the time way too expensive and shipping... well, sometimes impossible and sometimes 2 or 3 times the item price. I'm looking for some new sites to watch, preferable in Europe. If you know any other useful websites loaded with Commodore products, please let me know.

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